Code of Conduct

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1. We shall conduct your professional work without discrimination against or duress to the customer.

2. We shall ensure that within our registered professional field(s) it is our duty to comply with the legislations,   regulations and standards of the relevant authorities and that of the NTUC Income Home Services.

3. We shall display professional courtesy to the customer and adhere to the agreed appointment and job schedule.

4. We shall carry out the work at the agreed price with professionalism, consideration and diligence in a win-win transaction.

 5. We shall not misrepresent or withhold information on the performance of products, systems or services, or take advantage of the lack of relevant knowledge or inexperience of the customer to gain unfair commercial advantage.

6. If our professional advice or judgement is overruled by the customer, we shall indicate politely the likely risks and consequences and allow the customer to decide their preferred choice.

7. We shall uphold the integrity and reputation of the NTUC, NTUC Income Home Services and our profession in your dealing with the customer.

 8. We shall accept professional responsibility for our work and for the work of our colleagues who are defined as working under our employment or supervision.

 9. Since 1997, Three Luck Construction (1997) has been working closely and adhering to all NTUC Income Home Services standards. Please fully rest assure of our professional experience and our services will fulfill your home needs.

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